Update from Andrew McKaeg’s new band

From Andrew…

I’ve been sort of 1/2 heartedly trying to start a new band with Scott Giampino from the Fixers for a few years now. We’ve gotten together with a few bass player here and there (including an old high school buddy of mine, Paul Montone), but through a combination of laziness and circumstances beyond our control we just never seemed to get the thing moving past step 1.

Recently, Scott and I got together with former Schoolyard Heroes bassist Jonah Bergman and the jams were KICK ASS. Cut to a few weeks ago… I noticed that The Jim Jones Revue was playing at th Tractor Tavern in Seattle. They’re like… my FAVORITE BAND IN THE WORLD right now. So… before I knew what I was doing, I’d dialed up ol’ Greg Garcia and volunteered our new band for the opening slot… however, when I talked to Jonah… he couldn’t do the gig- turns out he’d scheduled his first gig with his other new band the same night/same slot/different club. What are the chances???

I was freaking… but the next day… ol’ Paul Montone calls after his summer trip to South America. He was just checking in, saying hi… but when I hit with the story… he immediately said he’d do it! Schedules are tight, available time is minimal… but we just had our first jam two days ago and it was EPIC. We’re all super excited for the 9/16 debut of: Hard Roller

We don’t have a MySpace page yet, and we’re not on Facebook or Twitter (and my never be!). However… we’re extrememly happy with how this band has come together in the age old tradition of pure rock & roll desperation! We sound exactly like what I wanted to sound like: equal parts Stooges and James Gang, with a little Black Flag and Mountain thrown in for good measure. Hope you dig it.

So… even if you show up late and you have to fly in from another continent… come to this gig… ’cause The Jim Jones Revue is an incredible band, I’m fucking honored to support ’em, and you should be too!

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